A Managed Services approach to Trading IT Excellence

How Delta Energy Supports Its Best-in-Class Trading Operations

Companies that trade, or buy and sell, commodities face a myriad of complex business and technical challenges these days. One typical conundrum is often around Information Technology (IT). A trading firm is, after all, a trading firm and not an IT shop and yet, it needs to have an IT infrastructure, usually a very complex IT infrastructure, in order to conduct its business efficiently. That infrastructure will consist of hardware, networks, mission-critical applications, security, back up, recovery and much, much more. It requires a special set of expertise, both from a technical and a business standpoint, in order to maintain and continually improve it. Such staff is hard to come by and even harder to retain. Meanwhile, regulations and rapidly shifting market conditions mean that infrastructure is getting more and more complex and more and more critical. How is this problem to be tackled and at what cost?

Delta Energy is one company that has solved this problem and gained enormous benefits from its approach in doing so. When Michel Koornstra became head of Energy Trading at Delta, he inherited a very familiar problem to many in the industry. The company was using an ETRM solution that was already 6-years old. “We had workarounds on our workarounds,” he says, and that was only a part of the issue. The support requirements on Internal IT were so high and cumbersome that they didn’t have the luxury of following the ETRM software market. Day-to-day firefighting activities prevented them from utilizing their time around its ETRM software to properly support the best in class trading operation that he wanted to build.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center A Managed Services approach to Trading IT Excellence


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