2016 CTRM Market Update

Given the significant decline in commodity prices throughout the year in 2015, and impact that decline has had on the markets for CTRM/ETRM software, Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) has recently completed an interim update to its biannual in-depth review of the CTRM software market space. This update is based upon an analysis of reported vendor results for 2015 and confidential conversations with several of the larger CTRM vendors regarding financial performance, unannounced deal closings and deal flow. Additionally, our analysis has factored in trends in the job market created by CTRM software and other sources of data.

Please note: This interim analysis is a topside adjustment to previously published forecasts and is not a comprehensive top-down analysis of the market as presented in our biannual CTRM Market Trends and Outlook publication.

As with all our market sizing reviews, readers should be aware that in the development of this data, as in the 2015 CTRM Market Trends and Sizing report, we must delineate boundaries for the companies and applications reflected in the scope of the analysis.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center 2016 CTRM Market Update


CTRM for Agricultural and Soft Commodities

The CTRM software space for agricultural and soft commodities is currently characterized by the existence of many software vendors and products that are largely dominant only in a specific niche market, such as a particular geographic region and/or for a particular commodity. Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) can identify at least 34 potential vendors with products in the space that fit this description; and to that end, it is reminiscent of the ETRM software category a decade or so ago, prior to all of the merger and acquisition activities, that has resulted in some consolidation there.

The scope of this research project was to identify and characterize the Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) products in the agricultural and softs space, identify the key markets and software requirements needed by those markets, and comment upon perceptions of the vendors and products targeting those markets.

Furthermore, several trends have emerged in the agricultural and softs application software space that this research investigated in a little more detail. The first of these trends is around “commodity management” (“CM”), the extension of CTRM software into aspects of what has traditionally been covered either by ERP solutions or in combination with ERP and specific point solutions covering a unique facility or process. However, with the growing presence of commodity management solutions, there is an increasing overlap in parts of the market as ERP solutions are extending into trading and risk management, and CTRM products are being extended into ERP, particularly in commodities that have a long and complex supply chain. This research reviews this trend, including the vendors and products in the space.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center CTRM for Agricultural and Soft Commodities