E/CTRM Software – To Build or Buy? That is The Question

With around 90 or more software vendors offering a variety of commercially available solutions in the area of ETRM and CTRM software and a history of commercial solution development going back 20 plus years, the idea of building a custom solution might seem something of a throw back. However, the truth is that the commodity trading business and its requirements can change so quickly that for large or complex, cross-commodity businesses, internal development of a custom solution can hold some attraction. There simply isn’t yet a commercial solution in the marketplace that can do everything for every commodity in every geographic location and do it well.

As a result of this, and having detected what seemed to be a bit of a trend back towards building custom solutions in the top tier of the market, Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) set out to survey the market in an attempt to see what the drivers around build and buy were. The survey was designed as a short surveymonkey.com survey (appendix A) and it was available for users to complete for an extended period between August and November 2015. Various methods were used to solicit responses including emails, banner advertising, blog articles and so on. Although more than 100 replies were received, only 59 were considered to be valid and usable responses and only those responses were used in the developing the results presented below.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center E/CTRM Software – To Build or Buy? That is The Question