The Use of Spreadsheets in Commodity Trading – 2015

Spreadsheets have long been an integral part of a trading company’s armory of tools and software. Over the years, the demise of the spreadsheet in commod- ity trading organizations has continued to be predict- ed with increasing frequency and regularity, and yet, the spreadsheet is alive, well, and kicking in 2015; as this survey proves. Despite the growing maturity of commercially available Commodity Trading and Risk Management software (CTRM) solutions, the increase in regulation and oversight and, the alarm- ing number of horror stories involving spreadsheets in losses, mistakes and fraud, they seem difficult to eliminate. This survey, prompted by current round of regulation and controls, revisits the spreadsheet in commodity trading to discover how widespread and pervasive they are and why.

The survey was conducted as an electronic questionnaire promoted via Commodity Technology newsletter and other email lists as well as on social media and the CTRMCenter website. It received 133 responses between early November and mid-December, 2014, which after eliminating incomplete responses or those submitted anonymously, was reduced to a set of 50 valid responses from identifiable participants. The distribution of the valid responses was primarily from Europe and North America and from across the entire commodity trading sector.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center The Use of Spreadsheets in Commodity Trading – 2015


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