Taking the Next Step in CTRM Cloud Solutions

In the last decade, a quiet revolution has occurred within the E/CTRM (Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management) software category as vendors and users have increasingly adopted the cloud-computing model. This move has been driven by demand largely for more affordable E/CTRM software as reflected by a lower total cost of ownership. Increasing regulatory and shareholder scrutiny has meant that even smaller commodity traders need to abandon spreadsheets and similar unstructured and difficult to audit tools in favor of more robust solutions. However, even the smallest of commodity trading companies has pretty broad and complex requirements meaning that they actually still require a fully-fledged application to meet their needs, but one that fits within a budget that reflects the size of their business.

In recent years, consumer and business cloud-based applications have begun to catch on and that familiarity does seem to have benefited the E/CTRM in the cloud market as well, as customers are now much more familiar with the benefits than they were 5 years ago. It is important to note that it’s not just the smaller commodity traders that see the potential benefits of a cloud-based solution either. Recent ComTech research suggested that, in general, all buyers of E/CTRM software are increasingly open to considering alternatives to the traditional “on premises” implementation model. While a small, but committed, minority continue to resist anything but the traditional on-premises implementation approach, the overwhelming majority of respondents will consider cloud deployment for a variety of vertical application areas in and around commodity trading.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRM Center Taking the Next Step in CTRM Cloud Solutions


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