Analyst Briefing Note Brady

Brady PLC (Brady) has provided trading and risk management solutions into the metals sector since its inception in 1985 listing on the AIM (the junior London Stock Market) in 2004, In 2007, the company brought in a new management team headed by CEO Gavin Lavelle and that team has proven successful in executing the company’s strategy of growth via organic development supplemented by acquisitions. Over the last several years, the company has gone from strength to strength, broadening its product range and expanding into new commodities, markets and geographies.

Brady is the largest Europe-based Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (ECTRM) vendor and is regarded as the leading vendor in the metals sector. However, it also offers a number of CTRM and related solutions for global energy, ags and softs and is the market leader in North American recyclables. Its offerings in trading and risk management are designed to enable producers, consumers, financial organizations and trading companies to manage all of their commodity transactions in an integrated solution – including pre-deal analysis, trade capture, risk management, foreign exchange, credit risk, logistics, cash management, physical operations, settlement, back office, financials, accounting and treasury.

With more than 300 customers worldwide, Brady ranks amongst the top five vendors of CTRM solutions, and is the only currently publically traded CTRM vendor, providing the company access to a variety of institutional investors and funding with which to continue to pursue strategic acquisitions and further invest in its technology and products. Brady has been consistently profitable and maintains a strong balance sheet.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRMCenter


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