What Does Tomorrows CTRM Look Like?

The $1.6 billion Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software category continues to change and evolve rapidly, driven by the many and varied issues that those in commodity industries face. Today, the CTRM software category is being forced to move from one that is mostly about managing trading transactions after the fact (capturing volume and price, managing the delivery and then producing an invoice), to something dramatically different.

Multiple issues now face those operating in the commodity industries and the confluence of these issues is driving many of the changes in CTRM software. For those who need to manage physical commodities and their supply chains, the issues are magnified further due to the complexity of tracking and managing those physical commodities with stock, quality characteristics, paperwork, movement and much more. There is more data, more regulation and more risk. CTRM software must incorporate much more functionality to support the modern supply chain.

Read the document online or download it from the CTRMCenter


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