What Does Tomorrows CTRM Look Like?

The $1.6 billion Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software category continues to change and evolve rapidly, driven by the many and varied issues that those in commodity industries face. Today, the CTRM software category is being forced to move from one that is mostly about managing trading transactions after the fact (capturing volume and price, managing the delivery and then producing an invoice), to something dramatically different.

Multiple issues now face those operating in the commodity industries and the confluence of these issues is driving many of the changes in CTRM software. For those who need to manage physical commodities and their supply chains, the issues are magnified further due to the complexity of tracking and managing those physical commodities with stock, quality characteristics, paperwork, movement and much more. There is more data, more regulation and more risk. CTRM software must incorporate much more functionality to support the modern supply chain.

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Analyst Briefing Note Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Aspect Enterprise Solutions (Aspect) was founded as OILspace in 1999 and delivers commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) and trading operations solutions to a global base of users across multiple categories, including petroleum products, crude oil, metals/steel, coal, petrochemicals and agricultural commodities.

Incorporated in the USA and headquartered in London, UK, the company launched with fully web- based solutions, and is recognized as one of the first to employ a truly multi-tenanted cloud delivery model for its products. In addition to its CTRM solution, the company also provides real-time and historical data feeds and trade decision tools for traders via its AspectDSC (Decision Support Center) product line. AspectPM is its price manager solution, providing consolidation and support for the global oil price forecasting process and forward curve management. The company sells its products globally, with clients located in all geographies. Aspect has been particularly successful in selling its solutions into the mid and lower tiers of the market and to those companies that have adopted the solution as their first commercially supplied and supported trading solution. Geographically, Aspect has become the leader in vendor-supported solutions for Africa.

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Vendor Perception Study Report

This 2014 CTRM Vendor Perception Study has been developed to provide insights into how the users, buying decision makers, and consultants that make-up the CTRM marketplace perceive the landscape of companies that produce and sell CTRM/ETRM products.

Vendors spend significant sums creating brands and trying to familiarize potential buyers with their products and capabilities; and via that process, work to establish a positive reputation in the market. Buyers will use their familiarity and perceptions of those vendors when making decisions as to which vendors and products to include in a purchasing process. Past research by the authors of this report indicate that buyers will initially use two sources of information when considering which system to purchase: 1) their personal knowledge and experiences of having previously worked with a vendor or software package, and 2) the knowledge, experiences and opinions of their peers in their industry.

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